Differences of Websites & Applications

Whats the difference between a Website, Website Application & Mobile Application?


Websites are written in HTML, CSS & JavaScript, PHP. These can be easily edited by the user or edited by someone who is a Web Developer (not a Web Designer).

Websites have rich features which are easy to use, setup and do what you need to, they have a membership, play music/videos.. so if they’re easy to update… What’s the problem?

Websites lack scalability to grow your business and can only be accessed through a browser on your computer or device.

Web Applications:

If you’re at the point that your business is growing and need more processes to be able to handle customers, going down the Web Application route would be a better investment long term.

Applications are like a cardboard box (requires to be built), then added with gifts (code) tape (security measures) and posted/signed for delivery (Signed and verified by your company).

You use Web Applications every day without realising it (Gmail.com, Tescos.co.uk, Spotify.com, Amazon.co.uk).

When we build an application, no one can edit it (unless it’s the web developer who built it. Once it’s finished building, it has to be signed securely…… but then if we need to update it, the whole process has to be started again but now its called a ‘Monthly release’ which will have to be scheduled in advanced.

Applications are built using JavaScript, Python, Node JS, Django, Dart, Java & PHP which depending on which ones of these are picked for your application, your application could end up as a cross-compatible application therefor (working on your laptop on your website address e.g lyntree.io or on your mobile or tablet).

but keep in mind, only a few limited languages offer this kind of support.

What about Mobile Applications?

Same thing but on a smaller scale, but when it comes to signing the application, these apps are then pushed into the Apple & Google Stores and also then need to be verified by the developer and company.

So what should I use?

If you’re a startup, get started on a website first something small, and depending on what you’re doing and where you’re going with the business, if you feel that the system needs to be bespoke to your business then certainly speak to us about consulting on a web application as well as a mobile application.

Please note, while we are in the process of developing applications, this service is not yet ready for market, but if you are still interested in growing your business with us please speak to us and we’ll see what we can do in the meantime to build a custom solution for you.