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Hi Everyone,

I’m Bridget and I am a Full Stack Developer and the Director of Lyntree Web Studio. I build Websites, Mobile & Web Applications. You’ll find out on this read about me and the whole self-learning experience if you’re looking to get into Web Development.

Sooo Where am I based?

I reside in Dagenham, London with my 5-year-old daughter and I run the business from home. I moved to Dagenham for a two-bedroom house from Windsor, Berkshire. I’m right to round the corner from Cross Rail which makes it extremely handy for me to meet clients in person if I should ever need to travel from the East to the West.

My Background into Web Development..

I began my journey into Web Development at the age of 5 with my father. He introduced me to ‘MS DOS’, and you might wonder how this plays into Web Development at this stage but the reason why I mention this – is because in Web Development, if you’re building Web or Mobile Applications you will need to use a ‘CLI” to build and package these applications to be able to push these into Production… I clearly got a head start on this with ‘MS DOS’ as this was a transferable skill into Web Development… Anyways, my father would always say “Learn how to do it yourself and see where you go with it..”… He was right there.

At the age of 13, I discovered HTML Version 4.0 (Frontend Development) and it unlocked a few doors into Web Development. Back then I didn’t have the Internet, so you would often find me picking out as many books from the library as I could carry – Very Simular to Matilda (A Thirst of Knowledge). These would range from HTML, CSS, DHTML, AJAX, Visual Basic, General Computing, Software, Graphics Software, Hardware & Network Related. In addition to this, he was a lover of computer magazines and I would always pinch these after he read them and install the latest software on the computer which came with the CDs which also opened the doors for ‘Website Design’ (in the sense of Adobe Fireworks & Dreamweaver)…

The College VS Self Learning

It is true that I do hold IT qualifications in BTEC Level 2 & 3 but the more I found being at college, it would leave me bored! I had completed the work and had no interest in staying because Web Development was taught at university and waiting for another 5-6 years to be certified on paper just didn’t seem worth my time at this point. I still stand by this decision today and I always recommend to young developers, if you’re going into software engineering or AI, at least get ‘Maths & English’. The only thing I learnt from college was to grasp ‘Microsoft Excels Formularas’ which I still use today for Lyntree, other than that it was just the certification on paper I gained!

I left College and joined the Web Development Company called ”Flat Rock’, and then in 2009, I got caught in the recession and then ended up taking the first position which landed me in the UK Courier Logistics market with FedEx UK. After two years, I left and joined another company and progressed into International Freight Logistics… 11 months later I left to discover the adventures of ‘Motherhood’.

When they sleep, ‘you sleep’, that would have been amazing if I had a quiet baby without Colic & Reflux… So the majority of this was spent reading, programming, and retraining back into Web Development. At some point during this time, I was seen by the Doctor due to memory-related issues pertaining specifically to working life. Finally, the Doctor told me that I had traits of ‘Aspergers’ but suspected me to be ‘high functioning’… that ‘Eureka’ moment finally happened.

I learned more about myself and finding this out enhanced my skills in Web Development & Software Development further. It explained why I had such a fascination with computers, programming, architecture, infrastructure, engineering logic and process… I adapted and soon realised the potential fulfil and work as a ‘Full Stack Developer’.

How Aspergers plays into building Websites & Applications, visually it’s like layers of a lotus flower, so most developers will be able to see the ‘picture’ of what it needs to look like and ‘focus on one part and that’s about all… I can draw, design a website on paper then code the Frontend of it, then work out the thought, business logic and processes for the Website or Application and code this on the backend, deploy it locally through the ‘DevOps process and put it into live ‘Production’.

Does the memory issue still happen? No, because I’m interested and I love what I’m doing, I love working with clients and pushing updates for them, building a new solution, achieving new features, always learning on the job going forward…

In all, I wanted to work for myself, but to create a friendly sustainable business that I loved working in, being able to enjoy helping others and most importantly fit around my daughters and clients hours and lifestyle. I start my days between 5 am – 6 am and finish at 5 pm, but I’m always on call in the evenings (even weekends) for clients.

So… To the present.. Where am I now?

After Successfully having launched two mobile applications into Android & IOS (Google & Apple) App Stores which are internationally available for download. I’m now progressing on the backend to absorb BAAS (Backend As a Service) doing integrations with DataBases & APIs for a new feature for ‘Audio Damage‘ which will be coming (hopefully at the end of the month).

In addition to that, if you ever see the name ‘Lyntree’ online I’m attending a virtual conference or you might see me in person at the following locations absorbing more information, to help me grow, but most importantly help my clients to scale their businesses too!

  • Attended in Person AWS 2018 London Conference
  • Attended in Person Google 2021 I/O Worldwide Virtual Conference

Notes for New Developers

If you’re following because you want to learn Web Development, remember this, don’t pick it all up at once, it takes time… If you don’t fancy the ‘React’ – There’s always plenty of options, do the research and it will pay off in the end as it is for me.. Hard work, always works out for the return on investment.

More to come and share!

XxX Bridget

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