Terms of Services

Website Hosting Terms of Services

Lyntree Limited is committed to protecting your website and privacy. We only use your personal information to contact /administer or administer account changes to your website or account when required. – Last Updated 20/07/2021


When you sign up to (lyntree.co.uk)you have the option to opt-in on marketing preferences (if you would like to contact us) about marketing products/services that may benefit your business. Alternatively, you can OPT out of this choice. We reserve the right to contact you by phone/email or WhatsApp for updated information about our:

  • General Newsletter  [ Monthly ] – (Updates to Website, New Features & New Announcements, Server Updates & Scheduled Maintenance.)

When you sign up, we reserve the right to contact you by email or phone on products and services that may benefit you or your business.  We also reserve the right to update you on any internal server updates that you ought to know about. If you should receive any spam or misinterpretation email from Lyntree Limited, please notify us immediately at info@lyntree.io 

Billing & Payments (Updated)

When you sign up, you are providing your payment details to our Authorised Payment Provider ‘Stripe’ who securely store your details. We do not have any access to payment details.

New Customers: Once you have paid the first time via Stripe, going forward ‘Stripe will attempt to take payment’ on the invoices due date.

Adding / Migrating of Existing Customers: If you have been migrated to the new billing system, it will say ‘paid by admin’ and you will see your next ‘due billing date’ via ‘view bills’. When this date approaches you will be sent an email with an invoice and will need to ‘pay the first payment, this ‘Stripe’ will ‘Auto Debit’ the payment going forward.

Non Payment – If you have missed your payment ‘cycle/expire date’ on your account by 5 days, it will downgrade your ‘billing package’ onto the ‘Grace Package’.

What is the Grace Package? – The Grace Package is specifically for clients who wish to put their website hosting services on hold for a minimum period of 90 days. No payment is due at the end unless the customer wants to upgrade to a ’website hosting package’.

Technical Support

Our technical support department is available for support between Monday – Friday 8 AM – 10 PM. We do cover the following support:

  • Domain Support – We can provide support for any domain issues.
  • WordPress Support  – No support for 3rd Party Plugins – If you have a problem with your plugin. Please take this back to the Plugin Developers.

Data Retention – Please read our Privacy Policy in the way we deal with your data.


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