Lyntree Limited is committed to protecting your website and privacy. We only use your personal information to contact /administer  or administer account changes to your website or account when required. – Last Updated 23/12/2020


When you sign up to ( have the option to opt in on marketing preferences (if you would like to contact us) about marketing products / services that may benefit your business. Alternatively you can OPT out of this choice. We reserve the right to contact you by phone/email or WhatsApp for updated information about our:

  • General Newsletter  [ Monthly ] – (Updates to Website, New Features & New Announcements)
  • Security Newsletter [ Monthly ] – (Updates to WordPress / Server Upgrades & Scheduled Maintenance)
  • Billing Newsletter  – [ When Possible ] (Included within Updates to Terms Of Services & Privacy Policy)

When you sign up, we reserve the right to contact you by email or phone on products and services that may benefit you or your business.  We also reserve the right to update you on any internal server updates that you ought to know about. If you should receive any spam or misinterpretation email from Lyntree Limited, please notify us immediately at 

Billing & Payments

When you sign up, this is the date you will be billed in the future ‘Automatically’ via a direct debit via Stripe. Your card details are stored safely and securely with Stripe which gives our billing system access to process payments and refunds.

  • Monthly Invoices – Will be issued on the date your payment is due.
  • Failed Payments – If Stripe has tried to take payment and no funds are available, it will try again (one day after, 3rd day after, and the 7th day after) at this point we will contact you.
  • Late Invoice – If the invoice has not been paid within 30 days, your account will flag up and we will make contact with you. If we cannot your account will be suspended while we speak to you.
  • Account Termination – If we have not received your payment within 60 days (2 invoices), we will contact you. If we cannot contact you we will terminate your account.
  • Account Cancellation – If you wish to cancel your website with us. You can email us at  or request this from within your account at 
  • Account Website Restoration – If you have canceled your account or it has been terminated and you wish to restore your website. This will be a one-off fee of £100 to fully restore your website.

Over payments – If the billing system has invoiced you twice or you have overpaid. We can provide you either with a refund or a credit towards your next payment.  Please note that refunds can take upto 5-7 days for it to re-appear in your account and this will be a transaction from Stripe.

Payment Methods – You can pay via Stripe or on our billing system via Debit / Credit Cards. You can also pay via Bacs but please do this from within your online account. This will state the details from within here. Please ensure that your payment is paid within Bacs or we will chase this up as soon as possible.

Technical Support

Our technical support department is available for support between Monday – Friday 8 AM – 10PM. We do cover the following support:

  • Domain Support – We can provide support for any domains issues.
  • WordPress Support  – No support for 3rd Party Plugins – If you have a problem with your plugin. Please take this back to the Plugin Developers.

Data Retention – Please read our Privacy Policy in the way we deal with your data.

Website & Server Security

As mentioned within the marketing section. We have the right to keep you informed of any security changes within our (Security Bulletin). This will go out to you as ‘When needed’.

Prevention Methods – To prevent data loss in the chance of having a DDoSS attack. We will block your access via IP to prevent any data loss happening to our server and your websites while this happens and will notify you as soon as possible.Two Way Authorisation – We will regularly remind you to ensure that you have this authorised and setup on your account with us to prevent any unauthorised breaches.