Start-Up Social Media Tools

How to get started with for Social Media Management Tools. We have used these tools and we hope this will give you an insightful start about your business.


Hootsuite is an awesome easy tool to use for social media management, Just writing that one post you can share this and schedule unlimited posts in the future and target up to 6 different social media networks which include (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Pinterest)


  • Overview in Real-Time (All your feeds on one page, and see if your posts are being shared, engaged with).
  • Built-in Analytics – See how well your posts are doing with the numbers and improve on marketing.
  • Mobile Application – Excellent if you’re posting on the go or lots of content to share
  • Free Package – but restricted to 1 user, 2 social media accounts and 5 (posts)..
  • Easily Share: to 6 Social Media Accounts (Providing that you’re paying £39 per Month)..
  • Schedule – Your posts in the future (New feature)


  • Expensive: If you don’t have the cash flow then it might be out of your budget as a startup. For a team, it could work out very expensive.

2.Facebook Business Manager

Many individuals starting their business are still quite unaware of the Facebook Business Manager. This is very much an ‘all in one’ and free to use which comes with unlimited postings, instant messenger and Analytics and even connects to WhatsApp, Premium Advertising.


  • Easily share to Facebook & Instagram
  • Boost your posts (for more likes and engagement, and advertise)
  • Schedule – Your posts in the future (New feature)
  • View Analytics (Free) Likes, Shares and Comments you have received for your posts and pages.


  • Complicated Setup – Not a straight forward simple setup, all accounts pages must be registered on the same ‘email addressotherwise will not let you connect these.
  • Delayed Communication Bug – If it’s integrated on the Website, there is a delay between your mobile and desktop receiving messages, as much as we still use it for the ‘time being’ it’s on the bucket list for being kicked as soon as we can find better technology to do this.
  • Expensive Advertising – We have run a few ads since we started, back in October we ran an advertisement for 5 days and cost us £30, we brought in 5 confirmed customers (which are still with us today, however that said, we’ve also tried running an advertisement for £30, a £1 a day over a month and it got us nothing). Facebook works in the way ‘The more you spend in a shorter time will get you the results you need’)


If you’re looking for the best low-cost solution, we would recommend using Later, it’s the cheapest that we have found on the market but also lets you schedule posts from Instagram. Why is this important? (Instagrams, very picky who they let schedule content online as it diverts web traffic to a degree)


  • Posts: 30 Posts Per Month Per Social Network – Quite a bargain!


  • Schedule (Two weeks in the future!)

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