Websites / Web Applications

The most essential component of your business is having a website. Creating an online presence and selling products and services through your website.

Our prices start from £230 for simple websites and depending on what you need and require we’re always willing to work things out.

What’s best for my business?

Websites for Startups and Web Applications for Platforms


Websites are often quick to start if you know (HTML / CSS) and server-side (PHP) and websites can be quite customizable.

Pros: Quick to Start, Easily Updateable
Cons: Not fully Customisable, Too Much traffic, could lead to the server crashing and (future issues).

Websites Example

  • Author Websites

  • Builders Websites (Services / Portfolio)

  • Hair, Beauty, Salons (Services)

  • Gym (Basic Membership) Services

  • Small / Medium Shop

  • Small / Medium Membership Services

  • Pet Services (small membership)

Web Applications

Web Applications work completely differently, Take for example, you think it’s a website, but it’s a web application.

Pros: Return on Investment (Long Term), Highly Customisable,
Cons: Monthly Release Builds (Updates), May require better hardware to support scaling in future

Web Application Example

  • Streaming Applications (Netflix, Youtube etc

  • Booking Airline or Hotel Applications (

  • Communities – (Dating Sites, or Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Asda, Morrisons)