Web Applications

At the moment we’re building Lyntrees Web Application which will replace (Lyntree.co.uk) and eventually run from (Lyntree.io), which will be an integrated Hosting CMS invoice billing Application to support the growth of Lyntree.

Once the application is pushed into final production, we then will be working with clients to support them grow with us by building applications.

Lyntree Case Study

We use WHMCS for our billing system, even though it’s useful for startups for (automated Billing), it doesn’t give a desirable interface or easy work flow for the lone wolf.

Unfortunately, when it comes to applications and server-side interfacing especially for (Host Billing) specifically, there are very few software vendors still currently on the market which tick the boxes for us.

So this has put us in a position to custom build our Web Application, and if we’re happy with it, we’ll keep extending the application into a platform with additional services for the future.